The Red Army

The Red Army is the official Redlands United supporters club. Anyone can be part of The Red Army, all you need is a smile and your presence at a Redlands United match.


The Red Army wants you! If you want to see what supporting our teams is all about, come and experience the atmosphere at our next NPL match. We have prime positions to watch all the action, combine that with a fantastic food (be sure to try a hotdog and/or burger with delicious devil sauce!), beverages and facilities – what you get is a fantastically enjoyable and safe environment suitable for all ages.

Supporters of the Beautiful Game

We love this game, its the world game and its beautiful. Most of all, we aim to support our teams and encourage a fun, lively atmosphere in a positive, friendly style. Most of all we’re inclusive for all, anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated – we’re supporters of our teams, not bullies of opposition, always be respectful (remember, we all love this game!).

Here’s a list of what will not be tolerated by supporters:

  • No yelling or chanting of anything offensive (racism, sexism, agism etc…).
  • No malicious harassment of opposition players, staff and supporters.
  • No weapons.
  • No recording of sound images or footage other than for private use.
  • No alcohol (outside of licensed areas) or drugs.
  • No racist or xenophobic material eg t-shirts or flags.
  • No entering the pitch or area around the pitch.
  • No promotional or commercial material.
  • No gas, spray cans, corrosives or anything that could cause fire (that includes flares – “but its a final/big match“, no, still no flares…ever).
  • No fireworks.
  • No excessive noise; megaphone, hooters or gas powered horns.
  • No selling of goods or tickets.
  • No animals (excluding authorised guide animals – please bring certification).
  • No unauthorised transmitting or broadcasting of sound, pictures, descriptions or results of the events via the Internet or other forms of media.
  • No objects which could compromise public safety.
Redlands United Football Club - Waterloo Street, Cleveland - Phone (07) 3821 2831
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