Any references within these laws that refer to 'the club' or 'the association' refer to Redlands United Football Club Incorporated.

(1) Applications for membership must not be accepted if the person applying for membership still owes monies, strips, or equipment from previous years unless payment is made in full prior to registration.
(2) Fees accompanying applications for membership must be paid in full.
(3) The Management Committee reserves the right to waive and decline a person's membership fees if it so desires.
(4) Members do not have the right to make decisions for or on-behalf of the Association without the prior permission of the Management Committee
(5) Any member who brings the Association into disrepute may have their membership suspended or terminated and/or fined a maximum of $100 (one hundred dollars).

Player Registration
(1) Applications for player registrations must not be accepted if the person (or person's parent/guardian if under 18 years of age) applying for registration still owes monies, strips or equipment from previous years unless payment is made in full prior to registration.
(2) Players must obtain a clearance from their previous club before they can register.
(3) Player Registration details will not be distributed to anybody without
approval of the Management Committee.
(4) Any registration refunds will incur administration and association fees deducted as determined by the Management Committee.
(5) Registration Fees must be made in full within the time frames allowed for by the Management Committee.

Management Committee
The Management Committee shall consist of a maximum of 9 people (As per 2018 AGM)
The positions are;
• President (Executive Position)
• Vice President (Executive Position)
• Treasurer (Executive Position)
• Secretary (Executive Position) – Voting rights as per 2018 AGM.
• Jnr/Snr/SSF/Women Football Representatives
• Life Members

(1) Members of the Management Committee shall not be remunerated in any capacity as a Coach, Manager or as a Director of Coaching.
(2) Non-attendance at more than two consecutive Management Committee meetings by a Management Committee Member without a formal & reasonable excuse may result in termination of their membership by Management Committee.
(3) Management Committee Members shall not publicly disagree or display dissent with majority decision/s made by the Management Committee. The use of Redlands United email addresses designated to committee members shall not be used for personal agendas or abuse of any person.
(4) Management Committee Decisions shall remain confidential until published or authorized by the Management Committee.
(5) Management Committee members who do not adhere to Items (3) and (4) could be asked by the remaining management committee to resign.
(6) Any 'Conflicts of Interest' must be disclosed by Management Committee members and may require the exclusion of a members vote on certain issues.
(7) All members of the Management Committee must have defined positions, which they carry out to the best of their abilities.
Management Committee Meetings

(1) The Management Committee shall meet once a month

General Meetings
(1) A member may not vote at General Meetings if the member owes monies to the Association.

(1) The Subcommittees are accountable to the Management Committee and should report back monthly. Subcommittees are not limited to but include
• Fund raising committee
• Junior Football Committee
• Senior Football Committee
• Female Football Committee
• Disciplinary Committee

Disciplinary Subcommittee
(1) A Disciplinary Subcommittee may be formed throughout the course of the regular playing season to deal with misconduct of players, coaches, officials, and spectators.
(2) The subcommittee shall consist of three members-
(a) At least two of which shall be current members of the Management Committee.
(b) With at least one of those members holding an executive position.
(c) None of which share a conflict of interest with the member being brought before the subcommittee.
(3) The Disciplinary Subcommittee is accountable to the Management Committee as per Subcommittee Clause (1).
(4) The Disciplinary Sub-Committee may recommend to the Management Committee, suspensions in excess of those handed down by the relevant associations.

Club Patron
(1) The Association may invite a person of appropriate character to hold the position of Club Patron.

Club Colours
(1) The Association's colour’s shall be red and white.
(a) The dominant playing strip shall be mainly red.
(b) The alternative playing strip shall be mainly white.

Team Photos
(1) The Management Committee shall organise team photos to be taken each season.
(2) All teams must have a team photo taken.

Club Gear
(1) All club gear shall be ordered through the club's gear coordinator.
(2) All members and players are encouraged to purchase all football related equipment through the club gear shop.

Head Quarters
(1) The Associations headquarters shall be the Cleveland Showgrounds, Waterloo Street, Cleveland.

Fund Raising
(1) Any teams or individual members wishing to carry out fund raising events for the benefit of the club as a whole, their team or themselves, must apply for permission from the Management Committee.

Club Sponsorship Guidelines
(1) All sponsorship/advertising agreements must be submitted to the Management Committee before acceptance of any proposal.
(2) No individual club member can accept on behalf of Redlands United Football Club Inc any sponsorship/advertising agreement until the Management Committee has agreed to such proposal.
(3) Sponsorship Management will include all promotional advertising, signage and strip sponsorship by anyone at the club.
(4) All non-club advertising material must be submitted to the Management Committee for approval before it is given out to players or club members.

Hiring Club Facilities
(1) All proposals to hire such facilities must be placed in writing and submitted to the Administrator or Management Committee stating exactly when, why & what is required.
(2) The Management Committee will determine hiring charges.
(3) For any outside Organisation/Company, copies of their Public Liability Insurance, Work Cover Insurance, and any other Insurance required at the time, to indemnify Redlands United Football Club Inc against litigation.
(4) Provision of a Bond as insurance for any possible damage to club facilities resulting from the hire.
(5) Bond will not be refunded if the club facilities are left in a
dirty/damaged state after the hire.
(6) The Management Committee has the right to decline a hiring proposal.

(1) All equipment moved for training purposes including goals must be returned to its original position at the conclusion of the training sessions.
(2) All teams playing at home are required to assist in the setup and pull down of all playing fields where necessary including SSF fields. This includes nets, chairs, goal posts and temporary dug outs.

Match, Membership and Registration Fees
(1) The Management Committee shall set all fees for the forthcoming season after the end of the financial year.
(2) Any members owing fees shall be deemed un-financial, lose all voting rights until paid and the relevant associations will be notified.
(3) Members not fully financial will be unable to train or play until all monies owed are paid in full.

Club Communications
(1) The Management Committee must approve all information relating to the club published in the name of the club in newsletters, flyers, websites, or any other media type.

Club Canteen
(1) The Club Canteen may be contracted out or operated by a person under the committee’s discretion.
Junior Players
(1) All players must wear approved footwear and shin pads plus carry a water bottle and sunscreen if applicable whilst playing or training.
(2) All players must notify their coaches in advance of non-attendance at scheduled training sessions or games.
(3) Any player sent from the field of play (shown a red card), excluding for a second reportable offence (shown two yellow cards), may be required to front the club's disciplinary committee.
(4) All junior players must play in their proper age group. Applications for playing in higher age groups must be made in writing to the Technical Director.
(5) All players must adhere to the Players Code of Conduct.

Junior Gradings
(1) Junior Gradings are to be conducted before the start of every season.
(2) Parent Coaches are not allowed to grade their own child.
(3) If a coach wishes to drop a player for any reason after the grading period has expired, the coach must make a written submission to the JDOC. The grading period shall be from the time of registration with the club to the scheduled association grading fixture.

End of Season Awards
(1) Perpetual Trophies are presented to players and are nominated by their respective coaches, in writing, 1month before the final fixture game stating the reasons why the nominated player should win the award. The management committee then votes on the winner.
Senior Players
(1) All players must wear approved footwear and shin pads while playing or training.
(2) All Players must notify their coaches in advance of non-attendance at scheduled training sessions or games.
(3) All players will be held responsible for the care of club property and gear.
(4) All players must adhere to the Players Code of Conduct.
(5) All fees are to be paid in full by the time determined by the Management Committee.
(6) Players whom are un-financial will not be allowed to train.
(7) All players' amateur and non-amateur will pay sign-on fees.

Team Officials
(1) The coach and manager have responsibility of the team they have been appointed to coach and manage.
(2) All team Officials must adhere to the Club’s Code of Conduct

(1) Teams wishing to compete in association sanctioned carnivals may only do so with the permission of the club for insurance purposes.
(2) The Management Committee reserves the right to loan equipment for which the coach and manager will be responsible.

Code of Conduct
(1) Code of Conduct.
Code of Conduct is for all Players, Parents, Spectators, Officials as stated on the RUFC website as well as in conjunction with the FFA Code of Conduct.

Life Membership
(1) Life Membership (Clause included as per 2019 AGM)
Life Membership shall be awarded to any player (Male/Female) who plays Twenty-Five (25) years for Redlands United FC (RUFC)
- Player must not have played for any other Australian Club at the same or lower level than that of RUFC. This would be limited to Outdoor play. Futsal/Summer six aside/ School teams would not be included.
- As a Life member, they shall be entitled to play at Redlands United at no charge, providing they contribute to the club by way of Volunteering in some capacity throughout each season they played. Minimum of 10 hours required over a season.