Our Vision

  • Become the best club in Australia! 

    • 5 year plan - new B League.   

    • 10 year plan - A League

  • Make football affordable to all.

    • ​Every child can achieve their potential based on talent​​

    • Fees lowered across club and based on age group, not programme.

  • Become the Heart of Redlands​​

  • Developed an Academy system, in conjunction with Celtic FC which sees players progress to professional careers.

    • Accredited coaches at every level​

    • Structured curriculum for all players to follow from Under 5's  to Seniors

  • The Redlands Way

    • How we play​

    • How we behave

    • How we lead by example

  • Redlands Cauldron

    • A new purpose built stadium, shared between RUFC and Redlands Touch Football Association.​

  • Redlands Foundation

    • Each year, 10 players are provided scholarships at RUFC​

    • Each year the club supports a local Charity

  • Leadership in Australia

    • We provide leadership at Football Brisbane, Football Queensland and the Football Federation of Australia to push the game forward for the benefit of all.​

Our Values

Our Values are what guide us and bind us together....


Honesty is the bedrock of everything we do.    


We act with integrity in all of our dealings.


We must be realistic with ourselves and our members, both in our ambitions and our abilities.


We are one club, with one vision.   Every member of our club must work together for the betterment of the club and support of each other.


Respect Officials, Respect Each Other, Respect Your Opponents, Respect Yourselves



​Football is the Beautiful Game....  We must all work to enjoy it.  We must not lose sight that it is a game.


We must remember that we are the current custodians of a club with 100 years of perfect reputation.  It is the responsibility of every member to uphold this reputation.  Sportsmanship is key to this.