Code of Conduct -  ZERO TOLERANCE

All members must abide by the following:

All members must abide by the following:


Club Policies and Procedures

All players, members, parents, coaches and staff must comply with Procedures and Policies that are in place and approved by the Executive Committee at all times. Any breach of these may result in disciplinary action.



Players representing Redlands United FC at any level and with any competition or carnival are expected to maintain the highest standards of behaviour and self-management at all times.



Players are expected to attend all sessions at the times and locations designated and confirm their availability for participation upon receipt of selection communication. Only sickness and injury are acceptable reasons for withdrawal and exemption from participation for any other reason will only be considered following consultation with the Executive Committee.



Players are expected to attend all squad activities in accordance with the stipulated time schedule. Any deviation with this may only be undertaken following consultation with the group Coach.


Standards of Dress

Players are expected to adopt smart and tidy dress when reporting for all activities and wear the uniform as required with respect. All playing and training apparel outlined in the kit requirements must be worn during designated training sessions/games, or where a travel kit is mandatory to and from games.


General Behaviour

Players are expected to be courteous and show respect towards all Management Staff, club staff, fellow players and officials at all times.


Bad Language

The use of foul and abusive language will not be tolerated under any circumstances. This includes on the field of play.


Mobile Phones

All mobile phones should be switched off for training sessions, meetings, and at least one hour prior to any match kick off, or other periods advised whilst in the care of Redlands United.


Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Players are expected to abide by the FIFA Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Policy at all times. Drug or Alcohol abuse may lead to suspension or permanent expulsion from Redlands United. If directed, players must be expected to undertake an official drugs test at any time.



A no smoking policy must be observed at all times. Any player found to be in contravention of this policy may be liable for suspension or possible expulsion.


Conduct During Matches

The highest standards of self-discipline are expected from players at all times. All players must conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner, showing respect to fellow players and officials alike. Unsportsmanlike behaviour may result in disciplinary action.

Social Media

NO derogatory, harmful, hurtful or inappropriate comments or photos relating to the Club, it’s players, members, staff, sponsors or any other associated parties are to be posted on ANY form of social media ie: Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat etc.


General Media

Under no circumstances is any person associated with the club permitted to make any commentary to the media without prior approval of the Executive Committee. Only approved photos will be submitted for publishing.


Disciplinary Procedures

The Executive Committee will have ultimate responsibility in all disciplinary matters involving players or members. Minor behavioural infringements will be dealt with at the time and the source and action recorded. Charges of gross misconduct will be subject to investigation by Executive Committee and will be carried out under due process.


Examples of minor infringements could include-


  • Minor breaches of the Code of Conduct

  • Unreliability and bad time keeping

  • Breaking time curfew

  • Inappropriate language or behaviour

  • A competition sanction with financial infringement


Appropriate sanctions for minor infringements may include:

  • A verbal warning


Examples of Gross Misconduct could include:


  • Persistent minor breaches of the player’s code of conduct

  • Breach of Club policies or procedures

  • Bullying and harassment

  • Alcohol and substance abuse

  • Abuse of officials

  • Serious unsporting behaviour

  • Wilful damage of property and equipment

  • Inappropriate behaviour detrimental to the image of Redlands United


Appropriate sanctions for gross misconduct may include:

  • Suspension from the club and possible expulsion of subsequent club opportunities


FFA Code of Conduct

All Players must abide by the FFA Code of Conduct under the governance of football in Australia. Any breach of the FFA Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action.


Redlands United will ensure a Zero Tolerance Policy is adopted for any breach of the Club Code of Conduct.