Angus Broderick

Position                                Fullback


Date of Birth                        29/01/2001


Hometown                           Brisbane, Qld

Junior Clubs

                          U/5 to U/12  Souths United

                          U/12 to U/13 Rochedale Rovers

                          U/ 13 to U/14 Brisbane Strikers

                          U/14 to Now Redlands Utd

Senior Clubs                        Redlands United FC

Describe Yourself as a Footballer

                          Very attacking minded. 

                          Love a 1  v  1.  

                          Skillful with ball at my feet.


Which Professional Side Do You Follow and Why?

                         Barcelona because my Favourite player is Messi


Who was your Football Idol Growing Up

                          David Beckham


Favourite TV Show                Prison Break


Favourite Movie                     Focus 


Favourite Artist/Band            Spacey Jane

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