Joel D'Cruz

Position:                            Goalkeeper


Date of Birth:                    1/6/2001


Hometown:                       Liverpool, UK


Junior clubs:           

                                          Sefton Juniors

                                          South Melbourne FC

                                          Redlands United FC

Senior clubs:                    Redlands United FC


Describe Yourself as a Footballer:    

                          I want to be a composed player on the field                                              and always reliable   


Which Professional Side Do You Follow:  

                                          Liverpool FC because its where I was born      


Who was your Football Hero Growing Up:

                                          Iker Cassilas

Favourite TV Show:         Community


Favourite Movie:              Inception



Favourite Artist/Band:      AJ Tracey


Joel is another example of a Redlands junior progressing through to the first team. Something we want to encourage within the Football Club. We look forward to seeing Joel in goals in season 2022 and hopefully keeping some clean sheets.                             

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