James Bonomi

Position:                              Midfield     


Date of Birth:                      14/04/1999      



Hometown:                         Cornubia     



Junior clubs:                        Logan Lightning FC     



Senior clubs:                       Logan Lightning FC

                                             ASD Nuova Valsabbia – Italy

                                             Now - Redlands United FC


Describe Yourself as a Footballer: 

                                             Play maker with good passing ability

 Which Professional Side Do You Follow:            

                                             Chelsea because of Frank Lampard

                                             Inter Milan because of my family


Who was your Football Hero Growing Up:  

                                             Andrea Pirlo & Kaka     

Favourite TV Show:            Friends              

Favourite Movie:                 Any of the Rocky movies & Dark Knight                    

Favourite Artist/Band:       Drake                   

James is a midfielder with great vision and an impressive ability to pick and find passes. He is also very comfortable in being able to break up play and win tackles.

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