RUFC Payment Plan Policy

Letters of offer for NPL Juniors/ SAP:

By payment of the deposit for the 2020 season as outlined in your letter of offer you agree to the payment terms as listed on said letter of offer.


NPL Payment schedule 2019/2020:

18/10/2019 $500 (Deposit)

15/11/2019 $500

15/12/2019 $500

15/01/2020 $500

15/02/2020 $500

Full payment is $2500.00 which includes kit and all other associated costs.


SAP Payment schedule:

18/10/2019 $500 (Deposit)

30/11/2019 $500

31/01/2019 $500


Full payment is $1500.00 which includes kit and all other associated costs.


Please note that all deposits are non-refundable should the player choose to accept a position at another club.  If player is unable to play due to injury, please refer to the RUFC refund policy 2020-2021 season.




Payment plans for 2020 Season:

Payment plans are available for any RUFC member regardless of the playing level.

If you wish to apply for a payment plan, please email the Treasurer:


How payment plans work:

Payment plans (where possible) are to be executed and paid in full by the first round of the season for the applicable program.

Exceptions to payment plans will need approval by the executive committee whereby payment plans may be extended to finish either by 01 April 2020 or by 01 June of the 2020 season dependent on circumstances.    

The Executive Committee can where appropriate, refuse any and all extension requests. 


Approved payment plans – Majestri.  

Players must accept payment plans through majestri. In doing so they agree to honor all payments to RUFC to ensure deadlines for payments are met.

  • Failure to accept payment plan through Majestri or make regular payments will mean players are not eligible to take the field for their respective team until the plan is accepted and or payments resume.



Approved payment plans – Majestri via credit card payments.

Players choosing to pay their agreed payment plan via credit card onto their Majestri account acknowledge they also agree to honor all payments to RUFC to ensure deadlines are met as outlined in any approved payment plan.   Players also acknowledge that any missed payments will mean the player is not eligible to play for their respective teams.


RUFC Debt process

As per the constitution of RUFC, any player with outstanding debt from the previous season cannot take the field for the current season until all debts are paid in full.

Coaches with outstanding player debts for themselves or an immediate family member can not accept a coaching role until previous season debts are cleared.

RUFC Committee as stated above, will stand players down for single or multiple games if payment(s) are not made as agreed.


Name of player/Team:  ___________________________________________________

Details of approved plan: _____________________________________________



Players Signature (if over 18)  _________________________________________

Parent / Guardian signature if player is under 18: _________________________

Parent / Guardian name: _____________________________________________

Date signed:  ____________________________

Approved by: _____________________________________position __________________

Approved by: _____________________________________position___________________