Devils BBQ

Red Devil BBQ is BACK BABY!!!!!

Due to overwhelming feedback from our members survey, we're firing up the barbecue for this weekend's games.

For the last year or so, our canteen operation has been outsourced to a private company. This contract has now come to an end and we will be operating our catering in house.

Over the next few weeks you'll hear more about this as we'll be looking for help from the members to support this service.

Every cent generated will go back into making football cheaper for our members.

As we find our feet we'll be keeping it nice and simple for the first few weeks... sausages and burgers...  We'll also have a range of tasty pies available.

Our old kitchen will be closed for the next few weeks while we carry out some refurbishments. Don't worry, the hot chips will return.

It's your club, so we're open to any ideas or suggestions - don't be shy!



During weekdays, our BBQ is available for use (free of charge) for our members.