RUFC Refund Policy

No Team Available for a Player:

A full refund will be given for all club membership / registration fees paid. This only applies if RUFC cannot allocate a player into a team for the current season.




No refund is offered for any merchandise purchased by a player who then wishes to leave RUFC for any reason.


Season ending injury for any RUFC player

Providing you have evidence from your Doctor showing you cannot actively participate in the current season; you may be eligible for a refund. You will remain active as a player for RUFC in the playfootball system for the entire season.

  1. Fees must be paid in full or have been on a payment plan making regular payment

  2. Injury occurred prior to June 30th


If the above criteria are met, a pro rata amount will be calculated.


Total fees paid - FB/FQ fees minus a $50 administration charge. Pro rata amount of games played /fees paid to date.

  • No refund is applicable for any season ending injuries obtained after June 30th of each season.




RUFC Player refunds

  • Refunds to leave RUFC and move to another club are applicable should you meet the criteria. Please refer to current FQ policy :


If ALL above criteria are met, player can register with another club and pay relevant registration fees. Receipt of payment from new club is to be provided to RUFC prior to FB/FQ fees being refunded. RUFC then agrees to refund the FB/FQ portion of current seasons fees.

FQ policy only refers to the FQ/FB element of the fees. Club fees are subject to the “RUFC club Fee” rules.




FQ policy only refers to the FQ/FB element of the fees. Club fees are subject to the “RUFC club Fee” rules.



RUFC Club Fee – No Refund will be applicable to any RUFC player wishing to change clubs or leave football if they have participated in, and/or been shown on a team sheet for four (4) games or more in the current season. This does include grading games.

If the Player has not participated in and/or appeared on a team sheet in the current season, RUFC agrees to refund the full fees minus a $50 administration fee and minus any deposit paid for accepting a position at RUFC.





If you meet the criteria for a refund as per above, please complete the Refund application form and submit to:


Any exception to the refund policy must be applied for in writing to be tabled for consideration at the next Executive Committee Meeting.



Refund Application form


Date:                  _________________________________________________

Family Name:   _________________________________________________

Player’s Name: _________________________________________________

Age Group:       ________________Team (If applicable): ___________________________________


Reason for refund : ____________________________________________________________________




Applicant Name and Signature : _________________________________________________________


Amount paid to date :                  ________________________

Less Administration charge:         ________________________

Balance:                                          ________________________


Account Name




Account Number



Authorised by : _____________________________________________  Date: _____________________

Authorised by : _____________________________________________  Date: _____________________

Processed by: ______________________________________________ Date: _____________________