No 9 Shuto Kuboyama

Shuto Kuboyama Right.png

Position:                                            Forward


Date of Birth:                                     23/7/1990


Hometown:                                       Fukuok, Japan



Junior clubs:                                     Miyake soccer club


Senior clubs: 

2016-17                     North Pine FC                (Brisbane Premier League)

2018 - Current          Redlands United FC      (National Premier Leagues)



Describe Yourself as a Footballer:                               Aguero

Which Professional Side Do You Follow:                    Brisbane Roar

Who was your Football Hero Growing Up:                 Rooney

Favourite TV Show:                                                       Prison Break

Favourite Movie:                                                            Harry Potter


Favourite Artist/Band:                                                   Taylor Swift

Kuboyama scored 20 goals for the Red Devils in 2018.    The fast forward will be instrumental up front this season and could be the one the club needs to overcome their goal scoring problems from previous seasons.