Injury Assessment Clinic

Physio on Bayside are delighted to be supporting Redlands United for Season 2018 and will be running an Injury Assessment clinic available to all financial players of Redlands United.

This service is for assessment and advice regarding any football related injury sustained  during the season. It will be run by Physio on Bayside Physiotherapists out of our clinics located in Cleveland and Alexandra Hills.

Players will be assessed and advised on appropriate management of their injury. If needed, referral for x-rays or scans will be provided. If a Physiotherapy follow up is advised, a complementary discount of 15% will be offered. Players may be eligible to submit a claim through FFA Insurance and claim 85% of out of pocket fees for Physiotherapy.

Please note, a player cannot book for Injury Assessment more than once with the same injury. If further assessment is needed a full Physiotherapy appointment is recommended at Physio on Bayside. However, players can book into the Injury Assessment clinic repeatedly for each individual (new) injury.

To make an appointment for Injury Assessment please book through Physio on Bayside on   3286 6608.


To avoid disappointment, please book appointments as early as possible and state “RUFC Injury Assessment’’ when booking.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact any of our physio staff or the coaching staff.