RUFC Management & Operational Changes

Redlands United have a strategic 5 year vision:

1 - Make football affordable to all, allowing the best players to fulfil their potential

2 - Have the best player and coach development programme in Australia

3 - Have multiple pathways available for our players (within football and outwith)

4 - Live by our motto...  One Vision, One Club, The Redlands Way

Part of this strategy is to move the club towards a streamlined operational model which requires more engagement and support from the membership.

This has already started.  The last 4 weeks have seen a transition of the canteen from a private operator to a volunteer run facility.  This has seen our income from the food and beverage treble over this period.   This money will be reinvested into the club in order to achieve our 5 year vision.

Another part of the strategy is to reduce our fixed costs.   Over the last few years the club has operated with a full time General Manager.  Over the last 12 months this position was filled by Les Moodley.  As part of the new strategy, the club and Les have mutually agreed to part ways.   

Moving forward this means that the tasks carried out by a General Manager will be split up and spread around the management committee and our football representatives.

Most of these wont be visible to the general membership however one key thing will be the communications.  At present, a lot of members still contact the club via the main phone line.   Moving forward, we would ask our members to contact the relevant person direct.  Our new website has a detailed Contacts Page which provides email addresses and phone numbers for the key club representatives.

We would also ask that our members show some patience whilst we get this process up and running.  All of the Committee and Football Representatives are volunteers and have day jobs... please be patient if they dont pick up the phone immediately!!

We also ask that if you are unhappy with something, you contact us direct.  Dont hold a grudge.  Dont grumble from the bleachers.  If there's an issue brewing.... tell us.  Even better, join us and help solve them!!

One Vision, One Club, The Redlands Way!!!