It's your club....  and it needs your help

Redlands United is one of the oldest and most respected football clubs in Australia. We have a rich 100 year history which has seen us compete successfully at the very top level of football in Queensland. Unlike some other clubs, we operate on a not for profit basis. Our club, YOUR CLUB, exists solely for the benefit of it's Members. ALL OF IT'S MEMBERS!! Our club is effectively run by volunteers. We keep our overheads as low as possible. To this end, we only have one full time and one part time members of staff. This means that nearly everything that is done at the club, falls on the shoulders of volunteers. We are extremely lucky to have a solid core of volunteers that help out every week (in some cases, every day) but the reality is that we need many, many more people to do their bit. We are currently trying to lift the bar at the club and provide all of our players and coaches with a better environment for football. Recently we have carried out some upgrade works to the clubhouse with the additional of air-conditioning, free Wifi, Pool Table, Table Tennis and Barbecue. We've even invested in better coffee beans! All of this has been delivered by volunteers or donated by sponsors / parents at the club. This is fantastic. We have many other things that need attention now... We've committed to providing better footballs for each team this year.... For me, footballs and goals are like oxygen.... We simply cant live without them.. We also need to carry out some much needed repair works to our existing goals and also purchase some new goals. Whilst it's great that our membership numbers have increased this year, it has put stress on our existing equipment. Therefore we're looking to purchase 4 new sets of 3/4 size goals and 1 new set of full size drop in goals. In addition to this, we want to provide all of our Mini Roos teams with portable goals for training. We also need to carry out some much needed repair works to the rest of the clubhouse and changing sheds. This is where you come in.... We have a few things happening at the club at the moment where we need everyone's support:

  • Mothers Day Raffle - A few people have handed in their raffle books unsold. This is extremely disappointing. We need EVERY member / family to do their bit and sell their allocated books.

  • Barbecue and Canteen - every team playing at home each week has a responsibility to provide volunteers for the barbecue and canteen. Typically, we ask for a few volunteers in the hour before your player's game. We would ask that all team managers take ownership of this.

  • Goal Nets - we are working our way through all of our goals and fixing them up. We have a welder who is fixing the structural issues but we do need help with the nets. If you can spare a couple of hours on a Saturday or Sunday to come and fix some nets, please let us know.

  • Working Bees - every few months we hold a working bee to address some issues. Usually it's simple stuff like clean up or painting. When you see one advertised on Facebook, please volunteer.

Folks, it's your club. It's your community. It needs your help! Kind Regards Andy Bradley - President