NAB - We Pay, You Play

Football Queensland (FQ) and National Australia Bank (NAB) have partnered to grow football across the state with financial help to both football members and clubs.

The ‘We Pay, You Play’ initiative (**assisted by Nexus Partners) will give football members the opportunity to have their club registration covered and provide clubs with vital financial support.

If a registered football club member or club associate takes out a NAB home loan, investment loan or business loan, NAB will pay Football QLD a referral fee (via Nexus Partners) up to the value of 0.44% (inc GST) of the loan amount which will go towards paying your season registration fees. Any surplus amounts will go towards supporting your club.

How it works –

  • Lodge a mortgage referral with your details via a dedicated online webform for Football Queensland clubs

  • The inquiry will be directed to a senior lender at NAB (or your preferred local lender if known)

  • If the loan is successful, NAB will pay Football QLD a referral fee via Nexus Partners who will pass on the fee to your local club. Example – For a successful loan of $350,000 NAB will pay a referral fee of up to $1400 (plus GST), which goes to your club.

  • Your club will put this amount towards covering your seasons registration fees.

You don’t have to be a player either. All members and associates of clubs are eligible, in which case the whole fee would remain with the club.

The ‘We Pay, You Play’ initiative will provide funding to make football more affordable for players and families who have purchased a new home or refinances, as well as grow your club.

Football Queensland and NAB believe, just like your house, your football club is your home.

FIND OUT MORE about ‘We Pay You Play’ and how you can get involved.