Committee Vacancy

Last week, one of the true legends of our backroom team, Donna McCormack stood down from the committee.

Donna joined the club almost 12 years ago with her son Cooper.

Over those years, she has helped out on numerous fronts. For the last 4 years she has been best known for making sure every Redlands player gets their correct kit.

It's hard to explain the effort Donna puts into this mammoth task each year.

Her son Cooper move to Brisbane Roar Youth last year and is doing incredibly well. We're expecting great things from him over the next few years.

Given that Donna is now spending more time running back and forth to the Roar, she has felt it's time to stand down from the committee and the uniform role as she simply doesn't have enough time.

It's also worth noting, Donna also helps run her own family business.... We've no idea how she juggled all these things for so long.

Donna will be sorely missed.

Donna will still be around the club and I would urge everyone to grab her and give her a big hug of thanks... The uniforms is a MONSTER task!!!

With Donna's departure, we need to replace her position on the Committee.

Although Donna's official "title" was Uniforms, she also had a strong affinity with our NPL programme as her son had progressed all the way through this and is a shining example of what can be achieved.

The Committee believes it would be ideal to replace Donna with another person with a similar link to the NPL programme. At the moment we have Sheree Lamont representing NPL. Given that SAP is now falling under this group, we feel that we require another person to come in and support the programme. Ideally, for practical reasons, this would be a person with a link to the older age groups in the NPL programme. This will make it easier for the person to attend games, help with set up, liaise with parents etc.

I wont kid you.... the pay is rubbish ($0), the hours are long and the thanks are very few and far between....

Typically, the Football Rep role on the committee involves the following:

- Liaise with all managers, coaches and parents to ensure everyone is properly informed of what is going on at the club

- Liaise with Grounds when wet weather events occur, make sure all parties are informed of changes

- Attend club during game days to make sure everything is set up, in place and running smoothly.

- Set up goals, nets, corner flags etc

- Check that referees have turned up and match officials are in place

- Co-ordinate volunteers for the BBQ and Canteen rosters.

- Report any disciplinary or Code of Conduct issues

- Attend monthly committee meetings

- Attend all fundraising events

If you'd like to get further insight into what is involved, please feel free to contact any of the existing Football Reps - these guys are doing this week in week out.

Existing Club Football Reps

It's a big task but a very rewarding one as we see the club go from strength to strength.

If you feel you would like to contribute to the club, please drop me a confidential note.


Andy Bradley