Redlands lift themselves out of relegation

Photo by Andrew Hudson

Redlands have defeated the Mackay Whitsundays Magpies Crusaders United in a thrilling 3-2 match on Saturday which has lifted them out of relegation with other results going their way.

On Sunday afternoon, Brisbane City pumped North Queensland United 4-0, which saw United return to the relegation zone.

Everything was on the line for Redlands, if they won it would see them go above North Queensland United and out of the relegation zone but a loss would mean they were likely to be relegated.

Knowing there was everything to play for the team left everything out on the field.

"The relief is huge and it is really nice for the boys to feel good after being on the back of some disappointing dressing rooms," said Redlands coach Nick Dibbs.

"I'm so proud of them, there effort, character, heart and all credit to them they showed guts today," he added.

Redlands opened the scoring after a free kick just outside the box saw captain Graham Fyfe put the ball along the ground as it rounded the wall and went into the bottom right corner.

They headed into the sheds with the advantage and momentum despite some wary moments from Magpies Crusaders towards the end of the half.

Photo by Andrew Hudson

It was Redlands who hit the back of the net first in the second half, with a backheel from Jake Sherwood to set up the goal for the teams leading goalscorer, Shuto Kuboyama.

However, Magpies Crusaders found their way back into the game as Michael Lyall bagged a double to level the scores and send Redlands fans nerves up with memories for their previous meeting flooding back.

"We've been there before, unfortunately, it is a feeling I've experienced too many times but the difference was we come back and we turned it back around in our favour," Dibbs said.

Redlands got what they needed though and in style as well as Fyfe lobbed the ball into the goal, which proved enough to seal a crucial three points in the end.

It was an emotional moment for the club veteran.

"I did feel it a bit, to be honest and I'm not an emotional kind of guy but I know that the kids here want the club to stay up, and it should stay up," Fyfe said.

Redlands United head to Ipswich on Saturday night as they face Western Pride who still have the chance to take the Premiership.

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