Media Release: RUFC Announce NPL and SAP 2020 Coaching Staff

Redlands United are pleased to announce their NPL Junior and SAP Coaching Staff for Season 2020.

Over the last few weeks, a number of the coaches have received confirmation of their coaching qualifications after completing the relevant FFA courses over the past few months.

Club President Andy Bradley commented "I think this really shows where the club has improved over the last 6 months. This puts us in the best position we’ve ever been as a club and is testament to the strategy put in place by our Technical Director, Graham Harvey and the coaches themselves."

The RUFC NPL Junior and SAP Coaching Staff for 2020 are:

Age Group Coach Qualification


Under 9 Nik Bruce C Youth

Under 10 Brett Godden C Youth

Under 11 Tony Eagleton & C Youth

Gabby Hawash C Youth

Under 12 Redha Alrikabi & B

Nick Hansen C Youth


Under 13 Nick Hansen C Youth

Under 14 Gabby Hawash C Youth

Under 15 Lee Walker UK Youth

Under 16 Andy Bradley C Senior

Under 18 Peter Merefield B

Goalkeeper Jared Grant C Youth

Redlands United Technical Director Graham Harvey commented, "I am absolutely thrilled that as a club we are progressing with our commitment to fostering an exceptional learning environment for our players. The coaches here have bought into the key principles of "The Redlands Way" and shown an excellent aptitude for self-development, which is evident across the qualifications achieved recently."

"This now means all of our coaching staff within the SAP / NPL space are appropriately qualified from FFA for the roles they hold, which is a huge step in the right direction. Furthermore most of our Academy coaches are also nationally accredited as well ."

Redlands United have previously announced Graham Ross and Nick Dibbs as their NPL Senior Coaches for 2020.

Any questions in relation to NPL/SAP coaching appointments should be directed to

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