Celebrating Female Football Week

Female Football Week is back for another year, from May 6th to May 13th inclusive.

Redlands United is inviting all past present and emerging females to come celebrate with us whether they have contributed on the park or off.

Redlands United is proud to have such a strong female presence within our club, both on and off the pitch and so, we are excited to celebrate and show our appreciation of all the female football champions, from players to coaches to the administrators and volunteers who make the game happen week in and week out.

To celebrate our success in the female football space we are hosting a luncheon on Saturday May 7th, and all past members are invited!

We hope to see you here to enjoy some great female football and to celebrate either yourself, your mother, grandmother, or significant female figure!

I am sure there will be plenty of stories and memories to be shared.

Please RSVP to footballoperations@redlandsunited.com.au or comment here for catering purposes.