Redlands United Football Club is a not for profit organisation..

As per our Vision, our aim is to give every player and coach the opportunity to reach their maximum potential in the game.

To do this, we are working hard to reduce the cost of playing football at our club.  We see this as critical to the future of the game in Australia. 

It's really simple, if we make football cheaper we will attract more players.  More players will lead to better players.

As such, we rely on our membership to help raise funds by volunteering and doing their bit.

We're a massive club with over 1,000 members.  This means that there are always lots of jobs to be done.

Listed below are the current requirements for volunteers.

We are operating a system where each family is requested to "earn" 5 volunteer credits.   Each volunteer item has a different value in credits.   For example, 1 hr on the BBQ = 1 credit. 


Each week we will track the volunteer schedule.  


At the end of the season, the top 10 families with the most credits will enter into a special prize draw to win a fantastic prize!! 

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